How to Create Your PlayStation Profile

Did you just launch your new PS4 console? If yes, then it’s time to unlock more features by creating a new profile for your console. Creating a PlayStation profile comes with a lot of benefits. You’ll be able to save your achievements on the cloud, save your game data, store videos and screenshots, and above all you’ll be able to save all your preferences so that whenever you buy another PlayStation console you don’t need to go back again to create new settings. In this post we’ll walk you through setting up your PlayStation profile.

Turn on your console

That’s the first thing you have to do in order to get started, you should activate the PS4 DualShock controller by holding the ‘PS’ button which is at the center. Then you choose ‘new user’.

Creating a new user

When you launch the console for the first time, you’ll be given the option to play as a guest if you want, this create a temporary profile but will get deleted as you logged out. Instead of that, you should select ‘Create a user’. Accept the terms of use that will be presented to you on the next page.

Linking your PSN account

If you have PlayStation Network account with previous PlayStation Console like PS3, you can sign into that account. If you want to sign in as a new user, you should see the option ‘Creating a new PSN account’.

Joining PlayStation Plus (optional)

This is optional, you’ll be prompted to join the PlayStation Plus membership, you don’t need to subscribe if you don’t want to, but it comes with huge benefits and it doesn’t cost much. If you’re not interested just skip, with the PS plus membership you’ll be able to access free games and can join online multiplayer. It costs only $9.99/Month, $17.99 for 3 Months, and $49.99 for the whole year.

Set your account as primary account

If it’s your own PlayStation 4, you definitely want to set it as your Primary console, and if you’re on somebody console, you shouldn’t do that. Setting the console as your primary account will ensure that all data is saved such as voice and facial data, this means you can sign into the console easily without the need to manually type your login details.

Activate face data (optional)

This is where you teach the console to recognize your face, it’s an optional step and can always return to set up this process. The facial feature is beneficial and will save you some time.

On the next screen you’ll be shown a button ‘Create an Account’, if you also like you can switch to your computer and create the account, so that you can just use the login and sign in with your PS4 console.

Enter your information

You should now enter your details in the fields provided, you’ll be able to enter your date of birth, language, country, city, postal code and any other detail required. You’ll also enter email and password which will be used for log into your account on any PlayStation console device.

You’ll also be presented with the option to receive news from Sony and give them permission to use your contact details for marketing, you can do this by checking or unchecking the boxes. We suggest you opt for only Sony news, since you don’t want to miss the latest updates related to your console, but for sharing your details with third parties, that’s something you want to avoid.

Creating online ID

This is the name you want to appear as your profile name, it’s visible to everyone, you can use your name or any other name, that’s how your fellow online gamers are going to see you. you also have the option to upload a profile picture, select from the available avatar or upload your own.

Connect to Facebook

If you don’t want to add all the data above, you can sign into your Facebook account and data including name and picture will be pulled from that Facebook account.

Setting your privacy settings

You can choose to make all your data public, but if you want, you can set the type of people that can view your profile or gaming activities. You can set anyone to see your data, your friends, friends of friends or no one at all, you can befriend someone on the PlayStation network without them knowing your identity.

Once you’ve finished with the privacy settings, you’re almost done, in the next screen you’ll be shown the ‘Create PlayStation Network account’ button, select that and you’re done. Don’t forget to check your email to click on the verification link sent to you, you’ll have to do this before your PSN account is active.

You have now setup your new PlayStation Network profile and you can go ahead and start buying PSN cards, you can buy for as low as $10 PSN cards to start making purchases from the PSN store.

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