The Best AFK Arena Tier List

Like in many games from the genre, however, you’ll immediately realize there are units that can be worth investing more in than many others.

This list intends to rank the personalities in accordance with just how they have been into this ball gamer. There are of use descriptions additionally included therefore it is worth your time and effort to test out them and build the very most effective party possible.

Tier List Methodology

This grade record was created together with all the following factors in mind:

  • Built for endgame in your head, therefore this record presumes that the personalities are flat 240+ and completely ascended
  • The protagonist’s viability in various game modes is known as
  • the Machine’s synergy with other personalities at the celebration is also considered
  • The listing is constant with all AFK Arena’s variant 1.41 patch published in June 2020

Tier List

This advice is vital to produce more granular decisions about how best to make the most of your party founded in your own playstyle.

S-tier: All these personalities are worth each moment spent included due to their stats and usefulness while inside the endgame are next to none. All these are well rounded personalities which may shine and squeeze in to just about any party makeup that you put them in.
A-grade: Truly powerful heroes to its latter stages of this game, however, they lack one region to think about them a portion of S-tier. All these remain worth your time and effort to boost any location in this game.
B-grade: All these really are good components, however, they don’t really stick out especially to get endgame articles at which every stat point things in every game modes.
C-grade: All these are the average units that need to not have any business being on your party in the game unless you’ve got a particular requirement for them.
D-grade: it’s encouraged that you forfeit them instantly when starting the mill towards the overdue game. There is arguably no solution to warrant with these in higher-level struggles.

This usually means you don’t have any immediate control over what personalities you are going to ever have. In this aspect, the very best players always get a means around non-optimal hero line-ups by latching about which personalities they have, and never the ones they need to get.

But if you are intent on optimizing your celebration in AFK Arena, it is vital that you realize in the beginning that some personalities which are better than many others at the very long haul. This is a list of the best heroes in AFK Arena here that could possibly be brought about by superior stat growths, or even other personalities reaching their top limit mid-game.

This grade list is designed as a first guide that will assist you to get yourself an opinion on what your personalities will probably fare at the endgame. Most importantly, strategizing continues to be the trick to victory in AFK Arena, and also this list will certainly help with that.

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Since AFK Arena grows in articles, fresh personalities continue to get added into the game. As the accession of publication units undoubtedly motivates players to float and try out different hero line-ups, the difficulty with all the overabundance of fresh heroes is just one which affects fresh (and older) players: a growing issue in devoting enough replicate copies of a fanatic to get ascension.

Ascension is essential to advancement; before the late stages of this game, the important strategy would be to prioritize the leveling of 5 different personalities of preference. The faster these personalities have been ascended, the quicker players could level them also this maximizes the usefulness of this resonance crystal clear. But suppose should:

  • You always face poor RNG throughout summons.
  • Even in the event that you figure out how to pull a few copies of a fanatic, you may love to ascend, that you do not have sufficient copies.
  • You don’t spend money on playwith.

All these are conditions that interfere with advancement, causing players to become stuck at precisely exactly the exact identical effort stage. Hence, the objective of the guide is to share with seasoned and new players by exactly what the most viable line-up (aside from RNG or investment property) is, together using it strong enough to carry them into the overdue game (chapter 2 1 +).

The best technique for achieving this line up is to concentrate on ensured hero attracts from the Labyrinth shop and Legends’ Challenger Tournament. This guide assumes you have the hardest feasible RNG in history… so when you might well not advance as fast, only understand that with the maximum crap luck you’re still able to attain a respectable team that could carry you much better.

(Notice: this guide doesn’t move in more detail about how to gain get into the Labyrinth shop or Legends’ Challenger Tournament features. I hope you to Learn the following manual to figure out that)


Shemira is among the most powerful carries from the game and also has been now still a staple in most line ups. In conjunction using a passive life-steal talent and also a skill which freezes an enemy mage, she’s an integral enthusiast utilized by players no matter exactly what heroes they will have managed to pull off on. Shemira is going to soon be poorer just before lv.181, however once this amount she excels. She might be gotten at the labyrinth go shopping for 45000 coins.


Exactly like Shemira, Nemora could be acquired from the labyrinth to get 45000 coins. She’s the most effective healer in-game, however, offers amazing tanking and features a C-C ability which allows her to seize charge of an enemy personality to get a while. This enemy will strike their allies and utilize its abilities onto these, and it is a superb booth way to permit Shemira to throw her final skill. Additionally, Nemora has rather high HP and may endure a reasonable bit of damage. Her damage output isn’t great but also her presence increases the survivability of one’s whole team.


Grezhul is just really actually a trusted tank using an ultimate which allows one to fend to 3 opponents while concurrently gearing as much as two skeletons that strike enemies. All these skeletons divert enemies, giving additional downline break-in damage, while also dishing out respectable damage if Grezhul is at a superior ascension degree. Additionally, Grezhul protects his allies who mitigates a percent of damage reduction predicated on ascension grade and additionally supplies a passive magical damage loss for many of his allies.


Thoran is just another Graveborn tank also is a small distinct segment personality. While they could self-resurrect after murdered for the very first time and has got the ability to divert receiving damage to some other enemy, even Thoran’s slowness in assaulting would be really just a glaring weakness. The most important usage of Thoran inside this line up is he can be obtained through the labyrinth go shopping for 45000 coins after spot 1.24 releases. His principal objective will be always to tank harm.

The previous part with this particular team is a small tossup. Arden is obtainable out from the three, also is readily reverted to Legendary+. Arden presents excellent CC at the shape of paralyzing as much as three enemies to get a few moments with his origins skill. That really is his primary purpose, as they will stall the enemy out long enough to allow Shemira to throw her ultimate.

Both of the other personalities are Lyca or even Tasi. This is presuming you are ready to pull the minimum inch backup of character. At low ascension degrees, the sole point of Lyca is she provides an + 70 energy rush to allies at the onset of battle. To put it differently, she helps your personalities throw their supreme abilities faster. That is exceedingly useful and could ascertain that the tide of a struggle.

Tasi alternatively delivers a very strong C-C skill because her ultimate could get all enemies to drift off for a few moments. Moreover, she awakens an opposing enemy to get a handful of seconds through the duration of the conflict. Again, inch backup of her is adequate, as her principal objective is CC.

Just how workable is that?

3 of the aforementioned personalities are accessible throughout the labyrinth. 45000 coins might be accomplished at a month, and not counting on the labyrinth quests that provide you longer coins while you complete them. Hence, the crucial thing here’s patience. Just as a general view, whatever team you choose to conduct, F2P players will need to show patience and there isn’t any way to get around this. Grezhul is somewhat more manageable.

But, do not forget that you require 5 chief personalities to a degree. Arden isn’t adequate for this specific purpose, as he rolls out in mythical +. To put it differently, you need to find yourself a 5th personality to a degree. Again, supposing your summon RNG stinks, I will suggest still yet another additional outstanding personality at the Challenger shop you can buy for 150000 coins (Fawkes might be the greatest bang for the dollar). You degree up this personality too, but just so you could possess 5 personalities to concentrate on.


Shemira/Nemora/Grezhul/ / Thoran/5th wilder is based on a faction bonus comprising of Graveborns and Wilders. This extra boost is just another reason why these characters are selected. Shemira and also Grezhul are always the principles on this particular lineup, and also the rest of the characters could be interchanged according to the circumstance. Be aware that in elevated ascension degrees, Grezhul becomes an extremely robust tank, therefore investing in him early is a fantastic decision no matter. The same is true for Nemora.

Obviously, your own summons will probably provide you a number of the aforementioned mentioned heroes, which makes the team construction process faster. The very widely used team is Shemira/ / Brutus/ / Nemora/Tasi/Lyca however, the aforementioned mentioned team isn’t so away. Brutus may be substituted with a top ascended Grezhul, also Lyca/Tasi won’t have to maintain super-high ascension degrees to be of good use. I’m at 21-9 point and that I have an E Lite + Lyca and also a Legendary Tasi.

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